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Laundry is a fact of life, which is why you should give yourself one less thing to worry about and let Neighborhood Laundromat handle all of your laundry needs and also we provide convenient Dry cleaning services. Free pickup and delivery laundry services throughout Essex County, New Jersey.


We provide convenient dry cleaning services throughout Essex County, New Jersey.

Our ordering process for dry cleaning is similar to our laundry service. We understand that your dry-cleaning is important and that you might have special care instructions, which is why we allow our customers to leave specific instructions for each and every dry-cleaning item added to the shopping cart. Our dry-cleaning service is delivered within 48-hours.


Now offering tailoring services, 15-years tailoring experience. This includes buttons, zippers, hemming, repairs such as tears and patches. In addition, Neighborhood Laundry also provides shoe repair options to customers. Please allow 5-7 days for alterations and shoe repairs.


Commercial pick up and delivery service for your convenience.

Neighborhood Laundry provides laundry services for hotels, spas, salons, schools, restaurants, and other businesses in West Caldwell surrounding areas with high quality products and competitive prices. Our professional attendants can process your laundry quickly and conveniently.

We understand that no client's laundry needs are exactly the same so we customize every request and quote, from special detergents, specific wash formulas, and special folding requirements.


Spend more time with your family! Let us do the dirty work. Free pick up and delivery!

We have been providing wash & fold for families and local businesses for years.  We want to save you time and worry from the day to day chores.  So you can spend your time on what’s most important to you.

We use only the highest quality detergents and fabric softener, and for those who like that extra fragrance and bounce we also offer dryer sheets at no charge.

If you prefer fragrance free, let us know! It's important that we provide a service that you value - we want to get it right.

Our employees sign each bag with their name, so you know who has cared for your clothing.

Whatever your need, call us, email us - let us see how we can help you best.

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